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hello again :) so i’ve gotten quite a bunch of messages from you cuties saying i should make a second to /this/ resources post which, in the first place, i wanted to make longer but i didn’t want to clog up the post or make it too long so i made a second post instead just for all of y’all (◡‿◡✿) enjoy !! and btw none of these websites are mine okay i just use them and share them because i think they’ll be helpful for you guys so credit to the official owners !! (part three coming soon!)


homemade fruit rollups
super fuggy brownie in a mug
cookie in a mug
muffin in a mug
healthy smoothies
healthy recipes
foods and baking help
toffee apple recipe
hot chocolate recipes
homemade candy

MOVIES + TV !! (all these have links)


over 100 cool games


important things you should remember

well that’s the end :) i hope this helped all you lil’ cuties and good luck with everything okay i love you 

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